Institute for Information Industry

Edited by Startup Terrace Global Hack 2020 Editorial Team

Institute for Information Industry(III) closely observes and analyzes global industry trends and market movement while maintaining constant interaction with the government, the local industry, the academia, and research institutes. At the same time, III assists government agencies in planning and outlining advanced industrial development strategies. It also serves as a consultant on the technology policy workgroup in the Executive Yuan (functioning as a think tank for technology-related policy discussions), advising the government on establishing and planning mechanisms to promote information communication technology and national information communication security. Moreover, III assists the government in setting up the agendas for cross-departmental issues and for the Strategic Review Board meetings.

III has played a persistent role as the “government think tank and industry consultant.”

With the trend of Web 2.0 and its development, III has assisted the government in cultivating the mindset and methods for developing soft power. It promotes the industry policy known as “making the manufacturing industry service-oriented, making the service industry technology-based and international-oriented, making the traditional industry personalized.” III also incepts new concepts and methodologies such as “being an important leader in industry techniques, integrator of global resources, creator in smart economy and pioneer in life style.”

III hopes to lead Taiwan into an innovative society via policy-making efforts and to create a social model that welcomes cultural touch and creativity as well as a friendly atmosphere for industrial innovation.