Edited by Startup Terrace Global Hack 2020 Editorial Team

SYSTEX Corporation is the leader in Taiwan’s information service industry, serving more than 30,000 corporate/institutional clients across Asia, Europe and the United States. As a data economy ecosystem integrator, we strive to lead, connecting ecosystem partners with startups, while helping customers use software and the power of data to create a second growth curve and to become exponential enterprises.

Our goal is to help expand the startup ecosystem, establish the AI+ Generator Program (AGP), cooperate with internal and external AI ecosystem experts and assist Taiwan’s AI startups with international development potential, accelerate the application of products and services in the industry, and connect with global markets. AGP has assisted 13 start-ups in Fintech, AI, big data, information security and other fields, all of which have achieved fruitful expansion in Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States.