Startup Terrace Global Hack 2020 uses a competition model to select our startups. We are focusing on post-seed/Series A startups in the following domains:

– MedTech / HealthTech
– AI / 5G / IoT / Cloud Computing
– Fintech
– Cybersecurity

We are specifically looking for international teams with an interest in the Asian market and that would benefit from a residency period in Taiwan.

Prospective startups must submit their application, including Pitch Slide Deck (in PowerPoint) describing the company before August 31, 2020. 

The official language of the competition is English.



Applications from the above designated industry-focused startups be well developed and mature enough to work collaboratively with large businesses or institutions.


The global competition will take place on September 7, 2020.


Pitch Types


– Startup Pitches

The startup pitch is an opportunity for companies to introduce their products or technologies, with the intention of motivating the judges to consider “investing” in the company, as well as to solicit feedback on the progress and potential of their innovations .

Judging Process

All applications will be reviewed online by the review board to determine their eligibility.

Eligible startups will be invited to the Global Competition, in which startups will pitch to a panel of judges or challenge partners in-person or online.



Area: AI / IoT / 5G

Anti-spoofing schemes for face recognition system

We are looking for AI solutions to prevent face recognition spoofing.

Innovations in VR digital content & edge computing

For 5G applications, we are interested in working with startups that have solutions and technologies in VR digital content / digital media, or edge computing.

Area: HealthTech / MedTech

Contactless screening test for sleep apnea

We are looking for contactless solutions that could be used as a rapid, easy to use, home-based screening test for sleep apnea.

COVID-19 Collaboration Opportunity (Click to Learn More)

We are offering free use of our unique analytics platform and support from its data and biomedical science teams to the on-going collaborative efforts of the medical research community in the fight against COVID-19 coronavirus.

Area: FinTech

Investment Intelligence Tools

We are looking for solutions/tools that help to integrate data and information on major financial markets, covering stocks, foreign exchanges, bonds, ETFs, commodity futures, and the macro industry for real-time and comprehensive investment decisions.

RegTech Solutions

We are looking for innovations in the following applications:
1. eKYC;
2. transaction monitoring, risk and compliance management, regulatory reporting, identity and control management, and regulatory intelligence; and
3. anti-fraud & suspicious activity prevention

Area: Cybersecurity

Signatureless solutions for authentication, facial biometrics, and anti-phishing identification (challenges proposed by MassChallenge Israel, GLORIA-NCTU, CHT Security, and TWNIC)

Call for innovative approaches to signatureless:
– Authentication
– Next generation facial biometrics
– Anti-phishing/Phishing Identification


Main Awards

•Grand Jury’s Prize (10,000 USD)
•Gold Prize (5,000 USD)
•Silver Prize (3,000 USD)


Partners Entrepreneurs Innovation Awards

Our partner companies and institutes, will award teams for outstanding performance in entrepreneurship or business innovations. The following awards will be selected:

• Cybersecurity Innovation Award (1,500 USD)
• Fintech Innovation Award (1,500 USD)
• Digital Innovation Award (1,500 USD)
• MedTech/HealthTech Award (1,500 USD)

Taiwan Entrepreneur Awards
Three Taiwan startups will be awarded with co-working space in MassChallenge Israel or New Lab New York up to 3 months.

SYSTEX Startup Award (3,300 USD)

All the results will be announced during the Awards Ceremony scheduled on September 9, 2020.



What is Startup Terrace Global Hack 2020? 

Startup Terrace Global Hack 2020 is designed to assist startups in MedTech / HealthTech; AI / IoT / 5G / Cloud Computing; Fintech; and Cybersecurity to thrive and compete in the global market.

The project leverages resources from Taiwan’s Small and Medium Enterprise Administration (SMEA), Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA), Taiwan Startup Terrace, MassChallenge Israel, the Digital Transformation Association, and Taiwan’s vibrant startup ecosystem to accelerate the development of start-ups with the goal of winning investment and creating a new generation of successful global enterprises.

The project aims to accelerate the generation of start-ups that capitalize on emerging global trends and create a vibrant startup ecosystem that serves as a deep networking platform for all partners interested in helping startups to grow, and to increase investment from all possible avenues.

How much does it cost? 

Answer: Zip. Nada. Nothing. Just your time and commitment.

How will I know if I’m accepted? 

Teams will be notified by email within 7 days after submitting their online applications, and will be given instructions for next steps.

Do you take equity in my company?

Nope. We sure don’t! We just want to see you succeed.

How do I know if my idea is interesting to the program?

There is only one way to know, and that is to apply!

Do I have to have a company to apply?

Yes. We are looking for post-seed level companies that are already established and doing business.

What makes Startup Terrace Global Hack 2020 different from other programs?

1. Our program is truly international. Our Steering Committee includes members from Israel, the United Kingdom, and the United States, meaning our program adheres to international standards and protocols.

2. The official language of this program is English.

3. Our mentors and coaches have extensive international, real-world working experience and connections.

4. Our teams have the opportunity to work directly with corporate partners, solving real world challenges. This is the first program in Taiwan in which corporates offer “reverse pitches” — calling on the entrepreneurial energy of startups to help them innovate new solutions to pressing problems and persistent bottlenecks.