Darren Wang

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▲ Darren Wang​, Founder & CEO, Owlting Group

Darren Wang

Founder & CEO, Owlting Group


Darren Wang ,the Founder & CEO of OwlTing, specializes in Cryptography. He had worked in different international technology companies. He is also a serial entrepreneur, accumulating experiences for over 14 years in Silicon Valley and Taiwan. Moreover, he is an active angel investor, investing in blockchain & medical startups at home and abroad. His investment portfolio includes MaiCoin (No.1 Bitcoin Broker in Taiwan), MAX (Digital Asset Exchange), CoolBitx (Cold wallet), BlockSeer (Blockchain AI tracking engine), I.X. (blockchain security solutions), Lubn (IoT Smartlock), Tend (Luxury asset tokenization), Hemidal (blockchain marketplace for gaming), etc. (BlockSeer was acquired by DMG group in Canada in 2018 and CoolBitx secured an investment of more than ten million dollars by SBI Group in 2017.)

As a pioneer of blockchain application, Darren was invited to the 2019 APEC forum as the only non-governmental attende from Taiwan. He was chosen as top “100 leaders in the global blockchain community” by LATTICE80, top 100 MVP by MANAGERtoday, and also received the “Future Leader ”Award from TAIWAN TATLER in the same year. What’s more, he was praised as “The father of blockchain industrial application” by the media, and was featured on the March issue cover of Tatler ” TheNewAsia ” in Taiwan.

“Blockchain will become a core fundamental structure of the Internet. OwlTing is doing what will change the world in 10 years,” said Darren.