Kevin Lin

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▲ Kevin Lin, Founder & CEO, TrendForce

Kevin Lin

Founder & CEO, TrendForce


Mr. Lin graduated from National Taiwan University with a major in Information Engineering, and went on to obtain an MBA degree from his alma mater. He is a pioneer in Taiwan’s e-commerce industry. In 1999, he founded and became the CEO of the country’s largest trade and auction site at the time, NeoCom Technology, which was later acquired by eBay, the largest eAuction site in the US, in 2002.

In 2000, Mr. Lin established the B2B e-commerce platform DRAMeXchange, simultaneously turning TrendForce into a globally distinguished research firm in the tech industry. TrendForce acquired Topology Research Institute (TRI) in January 2015 to become a top-notch tech research firm in Greater China, achieving worldwide fame.

Mr. Lin currently serves as CEO of TrendForce as well as Chairman of TRI.