Global Hack 2020 Linking Taiwan with Int’l Startup Ecosystem

Edited by Startup Terrace Global Hack 2020 Editorial Team

Startup Terrace Global Hack 2020 Linking Taiwan with International Startup Ecosystem, Forming Entrepreneurial Network across Asia, Europe and America

Startup Terrace Global Hack 2020, co-organized by Startup Terrace, Taiwan’s leading international startup hub, the Digital Transformation Association (DTA), Taiwan’s leading agent of change in digital transformation, and MassChallenge Israel, Israel’s largest, most diverse and international startup accelerator, announced the results of the competition at the award ceremony today in Linkou Chang Gung Memorial Hospital.

In addition to more than US$30 thousand cash prize award, the winning teams will also receive critical resources provided by corporate partners, such as mentors’ facilitation, R&D projects, product field trial, business agency services, and international promotional resources in Taiwan, Israel, and the United States. In just two months, the international entrepreneurship competition attracted more than 50 international startups, which were recommended by accelerators or venture capitals in Taiwan, Israel, Germany, France, Poland, and Singapore, showing the importance of Taiwan in the Asian startup ecosystem. The collaboration also highlights the delta of cross-border startup network formed by Taiwan in Asia, Israel in the Middle East/ Europe, and eastern U.S. of America, which has high potential to evolve into a startup ecosystem that will change the future world.

In her remarks, Audrey Tang, Minister without Portfolio, Executive Yuan, pointed out that the core of digital transformation is an open attitude and collaborative culture, and the courage to explore unknown territories- this is the adventurous spirit that startups are conceived from. She looked forward to seeing successes of innovative technology and services be connected with plans related to digital transformation, generating a more dynamic startup ecosystem for Taiwan’s economy.

Deputy Director-General Betty Hu of Small and Medium Enterprise Administration (SMEA), Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) implied in her remarks that one important task of SMEA in the future is to facilitate the cooperation between startups and small-and medium-sized enterprises so to promote digital transformation in the industry and sustainable development in the society.

Chairman JR Chen of DTA stated that the government provided abundant resources to encourage startups. Taiwan now has 3,700 startups, 250 venture capitals, 250 co-working spaces, and more than 100 educational institutes or incubators, constituting a very vibrant startup community. However, generally speaking, startups are less internationalized and capable of exploring international markets. Therefore, Startup Terrace Global Hack provided facilitation and review of relevant international mentors to encourage entrepreneurs in developing their businesses from an international perspective. The international competition on September 7 was reviewed by experts and investors coming from more than 17 domains, both online and offline, from Taiwan, the U.S., Israel and the U.K. The winning teams were selected after 10 hours of review and enthusiastic discussion.

The Grand Jury Prize was awarded to Sixgill from Israel, a leading SaaS threat intelligence provider that fights cyber crime through intelligence solutions. In second place, the Gold Price goes to Omeq Medical, also from Israel, the startup develops a single use smart epidural placement device. The Silver Price was awarded to ThinkCloud from Taiwan, which uses innovative solution on FinTech field.

The Merit Prize in each field was awarded to AKEYLESS, Israel (Cybersecurity), dp smart technology co, Taiwan (AI/5G), INSTO, Taiwan (FinTech) and Corebone, Israel (MedTech).

In addition, Face Heart from Taiwan that utilizes AI to measure physiological data, and iHH that owns AIOT technology to directly transfer and access information across equipment were awarded with Entrepreneurship Awards of SYSTEX. To encourage young entrepreneurs of the future, GRC SinoGreen Fund and Dayu Optoelectronic presented MedTech Entrepreneurship Awards to two Taiwanese biomedical startups, iPreg Incorporation and Kenkone Medical. Tslil Lahav, Head of the Israel Economic & Trade Mission in Taipei, made a special presence to receive several major awards on behalf of the winning teams from Israel.

DTA also organized an international forum themed around digital transformation on the same day, attended by more than 150 representatives from the industry and startup ecosystem. In the two seminars moderated by Wang Chih-chieh, Chief R&D Officer of Business Today Magazine, industrial leaders and representatives of the startup ecosystem, including Deputy Chairperson Chan Ting-i of DTA, Executive Vice President Yang Ren-dar of Institute for Information Industry (III), Vice President of Taiwan Institute of Economic Research (TIER), General Manager Liu Jui-lung of The Syscom Group, CEO Lo Chin-wen of PwC’s innovation and startup services, and Founder and CEO Yang Jui-fen of Lend and Borrow (LnB) were invited to share their insights. They elaborated on how the digital infrastructure of Taiwan served as the bedrock for advancements of industrial upgrade and transformation on a national level, and the stage for international startups to shine.

The forum also invited International experts from the U.K. and Israel to deliver keynote speech online in Live. Dr. Steve Gardner, Co-founder & CEO, Precision Life, U.K., delivered a keynote speech on Personalizing Medicine and Healthcare using GPUs, Decision Support and smart IoT. Mr. Noam Krakover, Chief Strategy Officer, Cyber Division, Elta, Israel, spoke on the topic of Cybersecurity in the Digital Era.